It’s a parent’s nightmare: being told your child has a complex condition that requires medical attention – but will the hospital be able to provide enough support? Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital is a rarity in the country because patient care doesn’t end once a child leaves the medical center. “We bridge the gap between care in the hospital and at home,” Lauri Tanner, president and CEO of Ranken Jordan, says. “We make the impossible possible.”

When a young girl recently arrived at Ranken Jordan with a horrible brain injury, her future seemed grim. “She came to us in a locked-in state. She was on a feeding tube and ventilator, staring at the ceiling,” Tanner describes. This did not deter doctors and their teams from finding a way to reconnect the patient to the world, though. “We found that one thing which connected with her: music. She seemed to like Whitney Houston, and when we’d play her, the young lady began to lip-sync,” Tanner shares. “Now, she talks and is working on math with a teacher from home. She is very vibrant and funny, and has a lot to say.”

The hospital’s annual gala celebrates these success stories while raising funds and awareness for patients yet to come. “The Ranken Jordan events always are special,” Tanner promises. “This year’s theme, ‘A Night in Casablanca,’ is not a direct takeoff from the movie, but some elements have been incorporated, such as the famous quote, ‘This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.’ That’s ultimately what we hope to accomplish at the gala: to deepen relationships while raising money to take care of kids.”

Ranken Jordan plans to invest the gala’s earnings into its care. “All of the funds from this event will go to the children. This allows us to take our care beyond the bedside,” Tanner explains. “We engage these kids in the Ranken Jordan community and the community at large. It’s all possible because of our dedicated team and supporters. We don’t stop. We don’t give up. We keep going [for these children].”

11365 Dorsett Road, Maryland Heights, 314-872-6400, 1-866-845-6400 (toll free),

“A Night in Casablanca”

Ranken Jordan’s 2017 Annual Gala

Sat., Jan. 14, 2017, at 5 p.m. | The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis

“We have a vibrant gala committee, which is excited and committed to this event. Led by chairperson Tracey Gronsier, they are really energized,” Ranken Jordan president and CEO Lauri Tanner says. “It will be an unforgettable evening. When you walk in that night, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to Casablanca – all to do some really great things for children.”

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