Clients always come first at Hais, Hais & Goldberger, P.C. Working in the field of family law for decades has taught these talented lawyers the importance of treating each client with the dignity and dedication that they deserve.

“We’re never unnecessarily tough with our clients,” states attorney Susan Hais. “That is not to say that we don’t give them realistic expectations. When people come in to see you, they are [often] at the worst time in their lives. To show compassion makes the process a lot easier. I don’t know that you can teach compassion. You either have it or you don’t.”

All seven of the firm’s lawyers possess this all-important attribute. That is, in part, thanks to the careful vetting process of Susan and her husband, fellow attorney Sam Hais.

“[We] select lawyers that have the qualities [we] are looking for, and then [we] teach them,” describes Susan Hais. “We think it is important to work hard, be diligent and be in [constant] communication. Be tenacious. We don’t have control over the judges, but we do have control over how we want to try our cases. So, to some extent, we have control over the endgame. We teach our lawyers that if you really care and go in prepared, the clients will recognize and appreciate it.”

Compassion begins at the outset of each relationship between client and attorney. “It’s absolutely essential to the attorney-client relationship to return calls, respond to e-mails and, if possible, to meet with people sufficiently, so that they understand you care about them,” stresses Sam Hais. “After all, they are hurting. They feel alone in the world and don’t know where to turn. If you provide a stop-gap to those feelings of loneliness, frustration and fear, it does wonders for people’s courage and fortitude to withstand the process.”

For the Haises and their team, the commitment to each client is rock steady. “I am on call 24/7,” explains Susan Hais. “One doesn’t have a choice. Some clients call with an immediate crisis. If somebody contacts me, I respond back, no matter where I am. With domestic relations, things happen quickly. It’s very personal and immediate.”

It all comes down to truly caring about each person who walks through the firm’s doors, seeking help and expert guidance during a most tumultuous time in their lives. “I feel good about what I do,” says Susan Hais. “I feel good about helping people. I like what I do and I find it interesting. I guess I’m kind of lucky.”

“In the final analysis, that is why we work as hard as we do,” adds Sam Hais. “There’s only one way to do it – and that’s the right way.”

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