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Charles D’Angelo, the renowned weight loss and life coach, does far more than help clients shed pounds. He transforms their perspectives on life by helping them lose the chains of their past. “This is my vocation – it’s not work,” D’Angelo says. “Developing healthy food and exercise habits certainly is an important part of the process…but it’s much more than that. My program addresses what’s missing in everything else that’s out there: how to develop the right mindset. We wouldn’t see the problem so many of us face if a diet plan or workout routine was enough. It’s what I call the ‘defeat whirlpool’ – where you find yourself sabotaging your own progress.”

His level of dedication came about from his own personal weight-loss journey. For chef Miguel Carretero of Guido’s Pizzeria and Tapas, that made D’Angelo uniquely qualified to help him. “I knew Charles when he was an obese teenager,” he says. “Witnessing him transform himself decades ago – and then commit his life to helping others – I knew Charles walked his talk. I was about to turn 50 – and that birthday makes you really look at where you are in life. I knew I had to change.”

Rick Stevens also was ready to take back control of his health. “I have a family history of heart disease and obesity,” he says. “I wanted to do all I could to ensure my family didn’t see that happen to me. As president of Christian Hospital, it’s important we model good, healthy habits for our patients. I want to show how much your choices can change your life.”

D’Angelo focuses on the foundation of thinking his clients use to operate in their daily lives. “The biggest challenge was accepting my weight as a symptom and not the cause for my problems,” Carretero explains. “At 330 pounds, I put in 18-hour days at the restaurant and didn’t show myself much love. I got through life rather than taking much from it. Working with Charles, I’ve learned an entirely different philosophy – one that teaches you how to be successful and fulfilled.”

Stevens threw his all into the program, trusting the process as led by D’Angelo and ultimately losing 60 pounds. “Charles inspires incredible confidence,” he shares. “I took every suggestion he made. After losing about 20 pounds in the first month, I became a total believer. It feels so great to be in charge of my health again. I weigh what I did as a college senior 25 years ago! Working in a hospital, I have access to some of the brightest minds in dietetics and health. Charles brings something entirely different to the table. He helps you understand yourself better and to take action on what you know.”

For Carretero, shedding 105 pounds was only one part of his tremendous success. “I’ve come to appreciate the gift of life God’s given me,” he shares. “I realize I don’t have forever, so I live more fully. I just returned from a long trip to Spain with my family. It’s the first time in more than 20 years I’ve taken such a vacation. I don’t think I would have had the confidence or self-trust to do it, and leave my restaurant in the hands of others, if I hadn’t worked with Charles. Before, I ran at warp speed, not realizing I was running in place. With his coaching, I feel confident, calm, happy and positive about the direction my life is now headed in.”

When his clients find a new lease on life, D’Angelo feels reaffirmed in his own trajectory. “The focus of the program is helping clients to reconnect with themselves,” D’Angelo explains. “You learn how to disconnect from the disempowering things you use to distract and console yourself. The focus becomes developing skills to deal with the inevitable [give-and-take] of life. It’s then a matter of personal coaching and helping to course-correct along a client’s journey, so each person maximizes their potential. You deserve to live a healthy, fulfilling and joyful life.”

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