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The statistics about obesity in the United States continue to rise and shock every year, with more than a third of our country’s residents considered obese.

Working on a daily basis to combat those numbers is Charles D’Angelo, a St. Louis-based weight-loss and personal development coach who’s worked with everyone from CEO’s, national politicians, and doctors, to stay at home parents and teens. Two lives recently transformed through his unique coaching program are those of Kathy Blattel and Troy Schob.

Schob routinely saw D’Angelo on TV and was interested in his philosophies, so he bought D’Angelo’s book, “Think and Grow Thin.” Schob read it but couldn’t fully commit because his father became ill. Before his father passed away, he told Schob, “Don’t end up like me.”

“I knew I was going to be the next guy lying in that bed,” Schob says. “I decided at that point to do something. I called Charles’ office and enrolled in his coaching program.”

They started off with D’Angelo helping Schob get clear on what he wanted out of life. Schob’s mission was to change his destiny. He didn’t want to end up like his father. D’Angelo helped Schob discover exactly what he’d have to do to reach his goals.

“The weight just started melting off,” Schob says. “I kept working out and eating right, and it became fun. I’m the healthiest I’ve been since I was 18.”

He talks about being able to get on the treadmill and go for 50 minutes without batting an eye because his endurance is so much better. “I’ve never achieved this kind of success before,” he says. “You see people losing a lot of weight, but Charles made it a reality for me. Get in the right mindset, and you can do anything.”

Kathy Blattel struggled with her weight the majority of her life. Throughout the past several years, she tried a wide range of programs and would lose 20 or so pounds and gain it back. It was frustrating. Then, her son told her one of his friends was reaching his goals working with Charles D’Angelo. Blattel looked him up and reached out.

“There were some things that really attracted me to his message and his program,” she says. No. 1, she says, she saw there were a lot of older women who had been able to lose a lot of weight through his program and keep the weight off. Secondly, he has a strong faith in God, which appealed to Blattel because of her strong spiritual background. Third, D’Angelo has been there. He used to be 360 pounds and “gets it,” according to Blattel.

Blattel started working with D’Angelo. Her daughter, after seeing how much weight Blattel was losing, signed up, too.

“Not only have I lost more than 100 pounds, but my entire family is down more than 300 pounds collectively in the last seven months simply following my lead.” Blattel says. “It’s very exciting.”

Life for Blattel and her family is “one thousand percent different.” She says everything is easier, from sleeping to running errands.

“I have achieved all my goals I set with Charles in the beginning,” she says. “Charles is tough and direct. I don’t think I would’ve lost the weight without him specifically as my coach.”

Every day when she got onto the scale and would see her weight was down, she was motivated further.

“When people ask ‘Wasn’t it hard to lose 100 pounds?’ I tell them it was much harder to be overweight than to lose 100 pounds,” Blattel says. “It’s much easier to lose it than to be overweight. That’s my new mantra.”

Helping people recognize the positive possibilities for their lives is what gets D’Angelo out of bed every morning.

“To think small changes have such life-saving, massive impacts drives me,” D’Angelo says. “Change doesn’t happen overnight, but the process of changing does.”

He recommends people start their weight loss journey by writing down exactly what they want out of their lives, “without hesitation or reservation – no filter.”

“After finishing a full page outlining all of your goals, look at them and ask yourself what type of person you will have to become to have the things or experiences you want,” he says. “With that new clarity, get to work immediately on finding the right people or information to help you begin the growth process of becoming that person.”

Charles D’Angelo, 314-495-3228, charlesdangelo.com

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