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For years, Charles D’Angelo has worked with countless clients to help them achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of. He’s helped celebrities, teens, CEOs, stay-at-home moms and more to lose hundreds of pounds and discover their true potential as happy, healthy people.

When he was just a teenager, D’Angelo transformed his life from one of misery, loneliness and obesity to one of success, happiness, health and love. After personally losing 160 pounds, D’Angelo dedicated his life to helping others on the road to health and happiness. He says that clients commonly seek his coaching when they hit a wall in life, feeling like nothing else works. He found that people came to him thinking the problem was their weight, when in reality, the weight was a symptom of a deeper issue.

“People get stuck in patterns to meet their needs and feel better,” he says. “As you begin to master your physical health, you recognize that the disciplines you’re using can transfer over to other parts of your life.”

These principles are the focus of D’Angelo’s new book, Inner Guru: The Guide to Mastering Your Health, Wealth and Relationships From the Inside Out. D’Angelo realized the way to achieve any and all goals is the same: Change the way you think, and you will change your life. The book, which hits shelves this month, focuses on helping the reader resolve the underlying issues as they come to understand their own behavior.

The book has been in the works for several years, and D’Angelo began working on it before his mother passed away.

“My mother was my best friend and my biggest cheerleader,” he says.

Unfortunately, D’Angelo’s mother had turned to prescription drugs and alcohol when he was about 10, and D’Angelo watched her suffer through those addictions.

“When you experience that type of sadness and see someone you care about struggling, it ignites a fire to help other people,” he says. “In writing this book, I found I was being led to get even deeper into what generates a problem. There are so many tactics out there, but tactics aren’t going to get you lasting change. There’s a strategy to create the change you deserve.”

D’Angelo begins his new book by addressing foundations: Where are you putting most of your energy? Are you taking control of the parts of your life you can control?

“Once you understand the way you’re thinking, you have to take responsibility,” he says. “From there, we talk about how health transfers into being financially secure.”

D’Angelo teaches how to take charge of your own life. All too often, he says, people let the past define their future and let their emotions influence their actions.

“This book came from seeing people I really care about go through really rough circumstances and letting their history define their choices,” he says. “[This book] is for the person who’s stuck in a pattern.”

When a person loses weight, it can be easy to fall back into old habits, D’Angelo notes. When people feel as if they’re stuck, D’Angelo wants to help them figure out why, and address the problem head-on.

The book opens with a foreword from iconic broadcaster Larry King, a friend of D’Angelo’s, and is full-color, reading much like a magazine.

“I think the impact this book is going to have will be monumental,” he says. “I hope to bring light to parts of people’s lives they haven’t considered. So many spend their time focused on their own history, but you don’t want to live there. You have to lose the chains of your past and take control of your future.”

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