There is no question that the automotive industry is largely a man’s world, but you wouldn’t know it at Mercedes-Benz of Progress Point, where general sales manager Kaylene Cohen holds court. “Our dealership is a little unique,” she says. “We have great salesmen, but our top salesperson is a woman—Chris Strom.” Strom, the dealership’s senior sales consultant, is the current Mercedes-Benz regional vehicle presentation champion, Cohen notes. “Not only has Chris won bunches of awards for product knowledge, she also looks after the customers.”

A veteran of luxury new and pre-owned car sales locally, Cohen pays attention to buying trends and tailors her team’s approach to selling cars to fit customers’ needs. “Easily 50 percent of our customers are successful businesswomen who’ve done their research about the kind of car they want,” she says. “Women are really conscious about safety, and Mercedes-Benz’s reputation of being one of the safest vehicles on the road is very appealing to them.”

The 2010 C-Class is particularly popular among women, Cohen points out. “They like its elegance, handling and safety,” she says. “It’s also more affordable, with models starting in the mid-$30s.” Another top choice, especially for moms, is the GL SUV. “It’s a luxury seven-seater that starts in the mid-$60s.”

Car dealers, in general, have not had a good track record of doing business with women, but Cohen’s dealership has worked to change that perception, regardless of who handles your sale. The tone she sets at Mercedes-Benz of Progress Point is part of the dealership’s ‘Never Lose A Customer’ policy. “Many dealerships are so focused on making the sale that they don’t pay attention to what the customer wants,” she says. “Our approach is really simple, and that’s caring about the customer and what fits his or her needs.”

The sale is only the beginning of an exceptional customer service experience, says Cohen. One of the first people customers meet after delivery is Roy Dreiling, Master Certified product and delivery specialist. “Roy makes house calls, just like the old doctors do. If Roy’s here, he’ll even follow the customer home,” she says. “Roy is the one who programs the car’s garage door opener and sets up the SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, and other features.”

In addition, the service department offers a wide range of car repairs and service updates, and is staffed by veteran technicians, Cohen notes. “Our techs have many, many years of experience. One of them actually worked for Mercedes-Benz in Germany and has been doing this for more than 40 years.” She adds that when a car is in for service, the loaner car will be a Mercedes-Benz. “Our drivers will even pick up your vehicle and leave the loaner car with you—it’s a really nice option.”

Since opening three years ago, Cohen says, Mercedes-Benz of Progress Point has focused on giving customers the finest automotive experience available in the St. Louis area. In its first full year, the dealership won the Best of the Best Leadership Award from Mercedes-Benz, and it continues to lead in both sales and service satisfaction nationally. “But it doesn’t stop there. We’re always looking at trying to improve customer experience,” Cohen says. “We want people to have fun when they buy their cars from us.”