On June 19, 2008, St. Louis became home to the newest and 100th dealership for one of the world’s most exciting sports cars, Lamborghini. Across a beautiful new plaza from Bentley and Maserati St. Louis, the new Lamborghini dealership in Chesterfield Valley is the creation of J.J. Mills and Graham Hill, the founders of St. Louis Motorsports, as the conglomeration of dealerships is known.

To formally open the $3.8 million facility constructed by ARCO Construction, J. J. and Graham threw a tremendous party that started with a ribbon cutting, followed by a stream of anxious automotive enthusiasts eager to catch a glimpse of the new facility and the beautiful automotive masterpieces housed therein.

The facility itself is beautiful, with floor to ceiling glass walls all the way around to best display its exotic contents. The building, and the party, like everything St. Louis Motorsports does, is first rate. Flat screen TV’s and comfortable lounges abound. It even includes a $10,000+ cappuccino bar in case you get a little thirsty and the cars get you in an Italian mood. After dark, a fountain in the plaza shoots real flames up through the water.

On display were at least a dozen Lamborghinis, ranging in price from about $200,000 to $400,000+. A number of Lamborghini customers also brought their cars, so probably another dozen or so Lambos decorated the parking lot. It’s fair to say that there have probably never been so many Lamborghinis in one place in St. Louis before. In addition, there were other “used” cars ranging from Mercedes and Porsches to Ferraris, Bentleys, an Aston Martin, a Rolls Royce, and even a $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron.

The party was magnificent. A large ice sculpture of the Lamborghini badge greeted visitors who spread out over the sparkling granite floors to view all the gorgeous automobiles that were displayed throughout. Live models modeled diamond jewelry from Graff of Chicago. Several food and drink stations offered a myriad of gastronomic treats and delicious libations, including the evening’s special, the Lambortini.

Based on the relatively large number of Lambos already sold by Lamborghini St. Louis, the addition of the new showroom should only boost sales of this futuristic ultra high performance sports car even more.

*Robert W. Paster is also an attorney in private practice, concentrating in estate planning and probate.

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