John Sullivan of Ken Miesner’s Flowers A bountiful autumn bouquet is filled with Highbush cranberries, hypericum berries, hydrangeas, roses, dahlias, thistle, amaranthus, celosia, Oncidium orchids, wheat, Lamb’s Ear, euonymus and ivy. • Use elements that are symbolic of something to make a bouquet more artistic and special. Wheat signifies fertility and ongoing life, while ivy stands for marital fidelity. You can reference the language of flowers to create a meaningful piece. • Autumn is a beautiful season to get married, and you want to evoke the crispness of those colors. Greens, golds and coppers make up a great fall palette, in addition to the traditional oranges and reds. • You can get access to a variety of flowers year-round now, so it’s no-holds-barred for what you can incorporate into your bouquet. Blousy dahlias or big, lime-green spider mums are really associated with fall.