Jackie Polette says the best day of her life was May 19, 2012, when she got a hole-in-one. She started golfing about four years ago, beginning with lessons and practicing religiously. �Just this summer, I got to the point where I�m starting to beat some of my guy buddies,� she says. On the day of her hole-in-one, she was playing one of her �worst rounds of golf ever,� she says. After her recent hot streak, the bad day became frustrating. �We are at Quail Creek, hole 13, it�s 110 yards,� she recalls. �I accidentally grab my 7 iron�wrong club, but at this point I�m on the tee box and my score card is so ugly it�s not worth turning around to grab a shorter club.� Her friend, Ron, was to the left of the green and threw up his arms like she had made a field goal. �Every horrible shot I had made that day or any other day didn�t even matter.�