Joan Quicksilver, Owner, The Quicksilver Company: A musical theater devotee for a lifetime, I was profoundly affected this year by the gripping coming-of-age drama about a young son of a poor English miner who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. Billy Elliot: The Musical, which played the Fox Theatre, was a joyous celebration of a boy�s journey to make his dreams come true. Not only was it a terpsichorean masterpiece, but the plot gave the audience an insight into the clash between a father who expects his son to remain in the harsh world of the mining community and the yearning of Billy to move onward to another destiny. Elton John�s score is electric! The evening was one of humor, heart and passion. This 2009 Tony Award-winning musical was not only my favorite production of the year, but one of the most cogent and eloquent theater shows ever for me.