Miran Halen, Soprano, St. Louis Symphony: There have been so many wonderful events in St. Louis this past year that it is impossible to choose only one. The St. Louis Symphony Red Velvet Gala featured Itzhak Perlman, the legendary violinist who is inspirational to audiences and fellow musicians. It was an incredible evening, especially when he returned to the stage for his encore, the theme to the film, Schindler�s List. It was an unforgettable performance and an incomparable event. The Titanic Centennial Weekend was truly an event to remember. The attention to detail by Mary Strauss and her team was amazing�from the actors who portrayed actual guests to the wait-staff in costume. A memorable night! Finally, I enjoyed my second rock �n� roll concert, Sting, at the Fox Theatre. He was phenomenal; I found myself rocking to the music!