Jim Doyle

Morning anchor, Radio Arts Foundation

“My wife’s birthday is July 6, and we celebrate it the entire month of July! So as much as July 4 is about America, it’s also about my wife. We normally have a neighborhood party at our house in Brentwood, and we have a pyromaniac who lives across the street who puts on a massive firework display. We do it very safely though—last year, we didn’t have the fireworks because it was so dry. I’m friends with the chief of police, who told me, Do not even think about setting off a sparkler at your house this year. I don’t want to burn a neighbor’s house down!”

Barry Sherman

Owner, Albarre Jewelry

“I usually take my wife skydiving,” Sherman tells LN. Really? “Oh yes, every year we go skydiving.” No, really? “Not really. Actually, the Fourth is my youngest daughter Jamie’s birthday, so that’s our tradition—we celebrate her birthday. We’ll go to the Zoo and other things around town, and have a big party and a cake. This year, she’s pregnant, so we’ll probably break tradition and do something inside this year—I don’t know if she wants to walk around in the heat. We always go downtown for the fireworks, though, and we’ll definitely still do that.”

Nancy Kranzberg

Supporter of the Arts

“A lot of times, we’re out of the country and it always upsets me because I’d rather be home. But hooray! I’ll be home this year. We’ve had a lot of fun: One year we were in Kiev, Ukraine; and outside the restaurant where we were eating, they were playing patriotic songs and lighting fireworks, so we don’t always miss out. But I just love being at home in the States on the Fourth.”

Beth Stroble

President, Webster University

“The Strobles love a parade! Growing up, my husband and I often walked or marched in parades to mark the Fourth of July, and our daughter continued the tradition as a member of the Copley-Fairlawn, Ohio Schools Marching Band. Here in Webster Groves, Webster University sponsors 4th of July Community Days activities and appears in the parade. Sometimes, I ride along in a 1957 Edsel convertible. But this year, I will cheer on our entry that features Webster student members of our nationally ranked competitive chess and baseball teams.”

Judy Miller

Agent, Janet McAfee Real Estate and public relations chair, Fleur de Lis

“One Fourth of July, many years ago, a very pregnant young woman tripped in a gopher hole and fell to the ground while watching the fireworks. Two days later, I was born. Now, every fourth we joyously celebrate my birthday with Uncle Sam: cake, ice-cream, flags and fireworks. It is always a grand old party.”

Susan Barrett

Director, World Chess Hall of Fame

“For us, the Fourth is a huge family event day, so of course we play a lot of games. We usually go to the Webster Groves parade, then have a barbecue and go to the Kirkwood fireworks. One thing we enjoy is dressing up in a theme—we don’t do traditional red, white and blue. We add silly accessories and go to boutiques and vintage shops to throw it together. And we want to make sure that we can all see each other after its dark, so there’s usually always at least one thing that’s glowing. This year, we all went to the Queen Within preview in New York, so we’ll probably stick with the Alexander McQueen-punk theme. I have some old punk T-shirts from the ’80s that I can glam up, and there will probably be some safety pins involved!”

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