No party is complete without décor, and what better option this spring than the very blooms that represent the season? We talked to three local floral designers to find out which stems scream spring and picked up some ideas to make sure everything at your gathering comes up roses—or perhaps tulips, in this case.

Marianne Przetak, owner of Ladue Florist

•If the person-of-the-hour at your celebration is a gardener, create a floral-centric gathering featuring a 'Welcome Springtime!' theme. Arrangements of tulips and daffodils can be made in or including small birds’ nests with embellishments like wheat grass sprouts, mosses and eggs.

•With St. Louis weather always changing, it still might be chilly during your springtime celebration. Pretend you’ve headed south by sticking to a tropical theme. Orchids and birds-of-paradise bring that warm-weather look while adding a serious splash of color. To keep the look focused on all-things tropical, try placing the cut flowers in cylindrical vases wrapped in matching greenery; a rope, ribbon or more foliage can be used to secure the wrapping and complete the look.

•The pastels of spring pop nicely against galvanized metal containers and come in a variety of sizes to keep the party cohesive. Try a large, tall arrangement in a galvanized watering can as a buffet piece, with smaller containers of the same material for centerpieces, to engulf guests in that springtime feeling without hindering table conversation.

Jane Winter, designer and owner of Wildflowers

•Make your party décor unique by ordering unusual flowers. Types of Fritillaria or Hellebore are fragile, but bring an out-of-the-ordinary beauty to any tablescape. Angelique tulips or bearded irises are unique twists on standard springtime arrangements.

•When done correctly, a combination of pinks and corals can bring that perfect spring feeling to any get-together. Remember to add a “fresh green color” to arrangements, but not by using standard evergreen filler. Lady’s Mantle—a green flower—is a great option, as it adds that green hue without the filler feeling. Another option? Green succulents add color, while maintaining overall arrangement interest.

•Use branches to increase the architectural presence of the plants. Peach, cherry and French pussy willow branches can be used in floral arrangements or alone to add height, dimension and overall presence.

•If entertaining at home, invite the florist over before the event; they can get a feel of the home to create matching floral masterpieces, notice arrangement locations you might have overlooked and find containers you already own that could work for the finished pieces.

John Sullivan, design consultant at Ken Miesner’s

•Stick with well-known spring blooms in traditional pastel color schemes for spring. “It’s classic because it’s right.” Bulb plants and flowing branches summon the season and should be readily available; try utilizing daffodils, cherry blossoms and blossoming pear.

•Continuing with the classics, use a traditional glass vase. Too dull? Add colored marbles to the bottom of the vase. If you’re arranging ahead of time and are concerned with murky-looking water, wrap the inside of the vase with a leaf.

•Pussy willow branches make a seasonal and attractive statement, and can keep the memory of your party living on. In an arrangement with water, many stems will start to grow roots; after the party, plant the fresh branches into your garden to let your celebration décor continue to grow.