The best kind of leader is the one who leads by example, and so this weekend we pay special tribute to our fathers—some of the best leaders of them all. These hard-working gentlemen show us through their words and actions what type of person we should strive to be. Happy Father’s Day, dads!

“He’s always been a wonderful role model for me. For my entire life, he’s always put family first and taught me how important it is to give back to the community. My father is so helpful to others, and he has always been a very positive person—he lives by the Golden Rule. I hope that I’ve inherited those qualities from him.”

-Andy Dielmann and his dad, former Creve Coeur Mayor Harold Dielmann

“My dad has always been my role model and inspiration. From a very early age, I admired his success. He mentored me by giving me hands-on work experience and included me in social events to help grow my character. While I love my dad for all he has given me to help run a successful business, I love him most for just being my dad.”

-Steve O’Louglin and his dad, Bob O’Loughlin

“I love my dad first and foremost for the way he loves me and the rest of his family—with his whole heart and soul. I also love him for the same reason the millions of people who listen to him on the radio love him: He makes me smile. His gregarious laughter and conversation is a joy to be around, as anyone who has heard him tell a story can attest. His loyalty and his generosity to his friends and family is legendary. Every one of us six Shannon kids and his numerous grandchildren count our blessings every day that he is in our life.”

-Pat Shannon-VanMatre and her dad, Mike Shannon

“I am so very fortunate to have my father here to love and cherish. He will be 91 on July 4! He is still very much like his birthday implies: He has an explosive smile, a firecracker of a personality and a colorful view of life. His enthusiasm is contagious. When anyone is around him, they begin to feel the joy that he gives off. When I was just a little girl, my father insisted that I read the book, The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale. I did not fully understand the book’s life lessons until much later in life. But I can tell you this: My father lives a positive life every single day and is my role model. I am so very proud to call him my best friend and best father in the whole world!”

-Diane Anderson and her dad, Walter Treppler

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