Among other things, Jill Solomon lists the central location as one of the major selling points that led her family to picturesque Town & Country almost five years ago. Jill, a speech pathologist, and her husband Todd, a mortgage banker with Delmar Financial, have four children: twins Julia and Steven, and Lila, who are students at Mason Ridge Elementary; and Rose, who attends Shirlee Green Preschool. We spoke with Jill to find out what makes this neighborhood the place her family calls home.

Why did you move to Town & Country?

We had our fourth child and outgrew the area we were in. When we drove around, we felt like Town & Country embodied a Norman Rockwell painting—tall, leafy trees and beautiful parks.

Where do you like to hang out in Town & Country?

We love Longview Farm Park and Drace Park, and we always go to the nearby Starbucks and Straub’s.


Kathleen Lovett, Janet McAfee Real Estate

Town & Country has such a different feel from any other areas in St. Louis County—there is almost a Southern charm to it. It truly was named perfectly, because you have the benefits of being close to everything, while still maintaining an open and pastoral feel.

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