Through the Veiled Prophet Organization’s Maids of Honor Project, participating young women and their fathers have supported the community with painting houses, cooking meals and planting flowers. In recent years, the program has averaged 400 volunteers and about 2,300 hours of community service, including rehabbing 75 homes in North County, cooking and packing 65,000 meals for Food Outreach, and landscaping the grounds of Rainbow Village and City Hall for Brightside St. Louis. LN spoke with three exceptional young women, who walked at this year’s ball, about how they gave back.

Georgia Macon

Georgia Macon loves how the VP Organization allows her to contribute to her two greatest passions: food and people.

The 20-year-old, who attended John Burroughs School, Colorado College and Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, is a pastry chef at Niche. She particularly enjoys her time volunteering for Food Outreach, where she and her father help prepare nutritious meals for HIV and cancer patients. Georgia also has worked with her dad on planting flowers along area highways for Brightside St. Louis and decorating VP Parade floats.

Georgia cherishes the camaraderie among the volunteer group of dads and daughters. “It’s great because you get to be with your friends. And (my dad) and I get along very well, so any excuse to spend time with him is really nice,” she notes.

Darci Roberts

Darci Roberts was raised in a philanthropic family, so she has looked for ways to give back to the community throughout her life.

Through the VP Organization, the 19-year-old Whitfield School graduate and communications major at University of San Diego, has reached out to those in need with Beyond Housing. During her volunteer work with the nonprofit this past summer in North County, she helped set up dining areas, served food to residents and helped kids with a craft project. “I felt really great about it,” she recalls. “It’s different than doing community service where you don’t see their reaction. It was really heartwarming and meaningful to interact with them directly.”

Darci, who was named Miss Fashionetta in 2012 for her wide range of community service work and strong academics, says her love of volunteering began at home. “(My family) always has been super-involved with the community,” she notes. “I love helping people, and I plan on doing more in the future.”

Jordan Woodruff

Since Jordan Woodruff was a young girl, she has been actively involved in the Veiled Prophet Organization’s annual parade and ball. “I was a page in the ball for years,” she says. “And in the summer, I would help my dad with the parade—I would carry banners, dance and be on floats.”

As part of the Maids of Honor Project, the 19-year-old sophomore majoring in finance at Southern Methodist University in Dallas has worked alongside her dad to paint houses in the Normandy School District and give children at Shriners Hospital a version of the VP Parade. “That has been my favorite project because we actually got to sit there and talk to the kids and play with them,” Jordan explains. “They were so excited, and they loved our costumes.”

Each year, Jordan has expanded her volunteer work, from cleaning and repainting the VP Parade floats to service projects in the community. “Sometimes people get caught up in their own little world and they don’t realize that there are other people around St. Louis who do need their help. It’s been amazing to be able to help out the St. Louis area in more ways than you normally can as a high-school (student).”

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