The Iburs moved to Richmond Heights in 2000, and say it’s the perfect place for artists, active individuals and families. Ted, a writer, musician and teacher at Steger Sixth Grade Center, and Anne, a painter, have two teenage girls: Bella and Lily, who are embarking on a creative endeavor of their own—the duo recently released an album and will perform at the South by Southwest music festival in March. The family told us more about what they love in Richmond Heights.

What are the best Richmond Heights hangouts?

We’re at Forest Park all the time, biking, working out or going to the museum. We eat at Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium, and go to Mr. Wizard’s during the summer. The Heights is really affordable and has a library attached, which is great.

What is Richmond Height’s best-kept secret?

Every year, we go to Garden Heights for plants and flowers. They have fabulous service, knowledgeable people and a great variety of plants. We can go down there and bring a leaf that has something wrong with it, and they’ll tell us what we need.


Steve Engel, Elizabeth Real Estate

Richmond Heights is a very established neighborhood that has accessibility to a variety of things. It’s right next to Clayton, Brentwood and Ladue, and is close to the city. It has a variety of commercial businesses, restaurants and shops; and borders Forest Park on the east end. It also has a variety of architecture and housing, from luxury homes in Hampton Park to affordable homes and condos.

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