We think it might be something in the water, but nine Ladue News staffers have been pregnant within the last year, and babies are coming out of the woodwork!

To celebrate the blessed events, LN hosted a shower as “an homage to all the estrogen in the air,” says senior writer Trish Muyco-Tobin, who planned the festive fete with associate editor Jenny Fisher and advertorial coordinator Diane Alt. “We wanted it to look and feel like an old-fashioned ladies’ tea party, with lots of dainty finger food, flowers everywhere, pastel colors and other feminine flourishes,” Muyco-Tobin says.

Accordingly, a staffer’s home was set up like a tearoom, complete with flower-laden bistro tables. The official honorees were managing editor Meredith Boggess and creative design director Julie Streiler, who hadn’t yet had their babies. “But actually, it was the first gathering of all the office babies who’d been born within the year,” Trish explains. “And having the shower at someone’s home instead of the office conference room gave us enough room to invite more friends, including a few Ladue News alums who’d worked here years ago.”

In keeping with the traditional ambience, all the food was lovingly made from scratch. “True to the girly-girl theme, there were no barbecued ribs or burgers or other guy food,” Trish says. The menu included fruit kabobs, vegetables and dip, Trish’s chicken salad croissants, editor Dorothy Weiner’s sinfully rich mushroom quiche, and lumpia, Filipino spring rolls made by Glenda Muyco, Trish’s mother. Dessert, which any woman will tell you is actually the main course, consisted of office manager Kathy Cowhey’s famous lemon squares and a vanilla butter cream ‘welcome babies’ cake from Lubeley’s Bakery. Staff photographer Jason Mueller, the only adult male allowed, seemed to enjoy himself nevertheless.

About 35 guests sipped ice tea and fruit punch while catching up on gossip and exchanging labor tales (“After about 17 hours, I didn’t know if I was pushing, breathing, panting or singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’”) and savvy parenting tips (“Sleep whenever you can, just try not to do it while you’re driving”). And, although everyone admired the pastel centerpiece from Ladue Florist, the real center of attention was, of course, the babies. “It was hilarious, everywhere you looked, someone was holding a handful of someone else’s baby!” recalls Trish.

The ‘girly-girl’ ambience turned out to be prophetic: both expectant honorees gave birth to adorable baby girls. Meredith and Josh Boggess welcomed Elise Rose on June 13, and Julie and Brandon Streiler opened their arms to Isabella Marie July 16. All LN parents and babies are doing fine, but the rest of us are thinking twice about using the office water cooler.