They may be four-legged and covered in fur, but that doesn’t stop pets from being members of the family. In fact, the testimonials below imply that pets often take on personality traits and behaviors of their two-legged best friends. Thanks to all the readers who submitted tales about their beloved pets in our first ‘How My Pet is Like Me’ feature.

Amanda Henry and Harry Pantalaimon

Harry was adopted from the Humane Society. At first, he was timid and shy, but now he is as feisty as can be. He loves to play fetch and do somersaults, some of my friends think he acts more like a dog than a cat! He is incessantly curious and very smart. After discovering that the cat food was kept atop the refrigerator, he began scaling the countertop to get to the fridge and sneak food down to his brother, Steve.

Pam Mueller with Joy

I have two 5-pound Yorkies: Annie Agape and Joy Hope. Joy Hope is just like me. She is calm and relaxed and enjoys ‘just being.’ She doesn't complain and is quite a trooper about most things in life. When she has something to do, she is very intense and focused and appears to be very busy at doing it. At my slightest movement, she is immediately alert and her ears stand straight up. She looks up at me as if to say, What are we going to do now, Mom? She just wants to be around people. Joy also has a great wardrobe. I think her clothes are cuter than mine. Funny thing is, sometimes we match.

James McQueen II and Nero

My name is Nero. I share my house in Creve Coeur with my pal James McQueen II, he’s a graduate of the Air Force Academy and I’m a graduate of the mean streets of Carbondale, Ill. After a slight altercation with another cat and a visit to the vet to have half my tail sewn back on, I decided to give up the life of a vagabond. James offered to take me, and I jumped at the chance. Spaghetti and meatballs is our favorite meal and we enjoy falling asleep together as we watch TV. I keep the house free of rodents, which is no small task.

Aly Ricci and Raquel

Raquel and Aly love to shop in downtown Clayton while wearing matching pink sweaters. They are the best of friends and can't wait for summer so they can go for long walks in Creve Coeur Park.

Cynthia Wichelman with Little Critter

Our Little Critter was rescued from the pound and quickly learned 18 tricks, including roll over, spin and jump through!