The Silver family, who has lived in Olivette for the last seven-and-a-half years, says that people of Olivette are what makes the area so special. Laura, a freelance writer, and her husband Michael, an attorney with Husch Blackwell, have two kids, twins Katie and Ryan, and a dog, Logan. The children attend Old Bonhomme School, which Laura describes as a great and diverse place for children to get a quality public education in a supportive setting. That type of education is one of the main factors that led the family to move to Olivette. We spoke with Laura to find out a few of her other favorite aspects of the area.

Where do you like to hang out in Olivette?

We love Sugarfire Smokehouse—that’s our favorite new addition—and we definitely use Stacy Park and all the activities there. It’s much more of a community, so you make a lot of friends in the neighborhood.

What’s Olivette’s best-kept secret?

Our chief of police is truly unbelievable—he’s present everywhere, and he sets a really nice tone for the community. The kids know him and the police, and it’s a good environment. He creates a safe feeling for your kids and family.


Sandra Coburn, Janet McAfee Real Estate

It’s a relaxed, beautiful, diverse community with a fascinating history and a bright future—and with Stacy Park, an incredible place for people of all ages, it’s a really neat, established community. It’s a place where people enjoyed growing up so much that a lot are trying to move back.

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