Introducing LN’s very first Lil’ One: Brooke Fleming! Our wee ambassador for 2011 is a 3-1/2-year-old who loves dance class, the color pink and her little sister, Caroline—but not necessarily in that order. Brooke enjoys swinging on her swing set, going to the park, and swimming and playing in the sand at her grandparents’ Innsbrook home. But one of her most favorite things is to literally stop and smell the flowers. “She loves to pick flowers,” says Brooke’s mom. “So much for all my landscaping, because it all goes into Brooke’s room in a vase!”

    On a recent visit to the Saint Louis Zoo, Brooke was treated to a scrumptious ice cream cone and her very first ride on the Zooline Railroad. “She talked about it for days afterward, because she could see the elephants and tigers and everything from the train,” Mom notes. LN

Ladue News thanks you for the overwhelming response to the Lil’ One contest. The winner who we are announcing today is based on the number of votes and parental consent.