Ladue Mayor Anthony Bommarito

Though he was just recently sworn in as mayor of Ladue, Anthony Bommarito is indubitably no stranger to the city. He is a 45-year Ladue resident, and has been on the city council for 10 years.  He also has a long history in business,  partnering with his brother Vince Bommarito for 25 years at Tony’s and Anthony’s restaurants before starting A. Bommarito Wines, an importer and distributor. LN sat down with him to get his take on the city and his plans moving forward.

LN: What is it about Ladue that has kept you here for 45 years?

AB: Ladue has always been good to me, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of people here. My children were born here, and also my son just bought a house here. It’s a great community—a diamond in the rough. All it needs is a little polishing.

LN: Why did you run for mayor?

AB: I thought it would be a good way to give back to the community, and I like to stay busy. A small to mid-sized business must be efficient, and that’s also true of small and mid-sized cities. I thought I would be able to look at the city’s operations with different eyes than the previous administration. I think they did a good job, but my approach is more like running a business.

LN: Do you have concerns about the city’s efficiency?

AB: There are no major issues, but there are some concerns. My main goal is to beautify the city and give it a better presentation for people throughout the area. We also need a new firehouse.

    I would also like to do something with our major business corridors. We’re looking at the district near Clayton Road and I-64. We want to make it more charming, and make it a destination shopping area for Ladue residents and also people from outside the city. It’s an underutilized area. We would also like to beautify the area near I-170 and Ladue Road.

LN: You were just sworn in last month. Are things running smoothly so far?

AB: Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to have interviews with all of the department heads, and that’s given me great insight to how the city works. I’ve also met with most of the city’s key employees.

LN: Are there any big events you’re looking forward to this year?

AB: This year is the 75th anniversary of the city’s founding. We hope to do something in the fall, maybe a run, parade and cookout. We’ll keep it simple, but fun! We want to get everybody involved. LN