Just like blooms peeking through the soil and baby bunnies taking their first hops, parties and gatherings are a sure sign of spring. From simple baby and bridal showers to large weddings and bar mitzvahs, these tips and ideas from local party planners will make your spring soiree breezy and refreshing.

Beth Garrison of The Chase Park Plaza

• Oversized florals make bold statements and are as unusual as they are beautiful. You can also hang ribbons, beads or crystals from the ceiling to give venues a wow factor.

• Miniature food is really gaining popularity. For a new take on a classic caesar salad, stick a leaf of romaine lettuce and a small breadstick in a champagne flute, with a bit of dressing at the bottom.

Kimmy Klipsch of Kate & Co.

• Garden parties are huge. For centerpieces, use vintage teacups or even rain boots instead of pots, or make a little ‘market’ of flowers for guests to arrange their own bouquets to take home.

• Find an obscure holiday, like National Margarita Day or the Kentucky Derby, and throw a themed party around that.

Rob Schaefer of Steven Becker Fine Dining

• The Great Gatsby theme is huge for spring. Incorporate clean whites, soft pastels and a subdued atmosphere. Have a simple and clean menu with a great starter course, a wonderful entrée, and a killer dessert. Keep the theme pure with light, sparkling champagne and gin drinks.

• Radiant orchid and cobalt blue are both huge for the season. Use radiant orchid for a pop of color; cobalt blue can be used all over.

Josie Littlepage of Cosmopolitan Events

• At this point in the year, everyone is ready to go to the lake or the ocean. The combination of blues, whites and greys can evoke an ocean or sky feel, and the grey tones it down.

• Play up the whimsy of Easter. Use planter boxes or ceramic pitchers to hold utensils for a fun garden theme. Wrap green plastic ware in orange paper napkins and tie them with a green ribbon to make little carrots, or fold cloth napkins into rabbit ear shapes.

Simcha Lourie of Simcha’s Events

• After this harsh winter, St. Louisans want to get outside. But don’t forget that it will still be cool for a couple more months. If you want to have an outside party, offer your guests brightly covered pashminas or little sips of soup to keep warm.

• Make a tea bar with different types of green teas. Infuse ice cubes with popular super fruits like guava or dragon fruit so your guests can customize their drink.

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