Loving the small-town feel in a bigger city, the Schulte family has called Glendale home for more than eight years. James, who works in corporate finance at GE Capital, and Ann, a stay-at-home mom, love seeing neighbors of all ages walking the streets and enjoying the community. They have three children: Will, Harrison and Louise. James and Ann tell us more about what they love to do in Glendale.

What’s Glendale’s best-kept secret?

Hanneke’s is a great small grocer. They do catering and have sandwiches, and you see kids hanging out there after school getting candy. We go up there for little necessities. They have a great lunch, and coffee and donuts on the weekend.

What’s your favorite Glendale family tradition?

There are a lot of community events. There’s a Christmas tree-lighting event, a Jazz Fest and an Ice Cream Social. A lot of streets are big on the block parties. People will block of streets and have bounce houses. People take pride in their block.


Berkley Land, Prudential Alliance Realtors

Glendale is a small community with benefits from both Kirkwood and Webster Groves. It’s kind of like Mayberry. I’ve lived in Glendale for almost 23 years—there are nice walking sidewalks, a little grocery store and some gift shops. It’s always been a safe community, and it was recently named the best place to live in Missouri.

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