Living in Frontenac for almost nine years, the Rhone family treasures the community’s close-knit connections. Angela and her husband Eric, VP and CEO of Visions Management Group, respectively, have three children: Eric II, a student at Meramec; and Arlington and Eldridge, who both attend Conway Elementary. Angela tells us more about life in Frontenac: 

What are your favorite spots in Frontenac?

We love to walk down Clayton Road to go to FroYo. I love shopping at Esther and Melanie’s, which I seem to go to every other day. We eat at Bricktop’s and Brio; and of course, Schnucks for fresh produce.

What do you love about Frontenac?

Our community has a care calendar online to provide meals for people who need help or may be ill. We all take turns helping each other out.

What’s Frontenac’s best-kept secret?

There’s a woman at the Frontenac Schnucks named Miss Pearl. She is the nicest person you ever want to meet. She knows my name, my boys’ names, and she’s always asking how we are.


Wayne Norwood, Gladys Manion Real Estate

Frontenac is one of St. Louis’ best locations. It’s an opulent, central location that’s private and exclusive. The lots are large and comfortable; and depending on where you live in the neighborhood, the Kirkwood or Ladue schools are some of the best schools in the area.

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