Snack Central: Everybody loves snacks, and what’s better than freshly made popcorn from locally owned Poptions? Two and 3.5 gallon tins available, customized with three flavors, including chocolate varieties made exclusively using Bissinger’s chocolate! $30 to $70

Toast the Town: Wine glasses etched with St. Louis landmarks are a fun gift for hometowners and ‘ex-pats’ alike. $20 from Provence Boutique

Horny Butler: A reindeer table butler is a whimsical way to offer candy or nuts. $50 at The Service Bureau

Chocoholic’s Choice: Real connoisseurs crave dark: Bissinger’s Classic Collection, in all dark chocolate, is the ultimate treat. $36

Bird Feeder: A poinsettia candy dish is topped by St. Louis’ favorite bird. $25 at The Service Bureau

He-man Meal: Nothing satisfies an appetite for steak like a big, juicy rib-eye. Boxed frozen and ready to ship from Cowboy Ribeyes, $75 for two 20 oz. steaks

Dressed for the holidays: Offering a touch of nostalgia with its salad dressings based on old Busch’s Grove recipes, these are now made at Busch’s Grove Market. $4 each

Buttery bliss: Omg! There is simply nothing more festive, food-wise, than Breadsmith’s Dolci Cello sugary, buttery corn pops. $9 at Busch’s Grove Market

Champion chips: If you’ve ever tasted them, you know that Billy Goat Chips take the common potato chip to new heights—crispy, crunchy creativity. No preservatives, trans fats, MSG or gluten! $8 from Busch’s Grove Market

Cook’s book: The foremost authority on the science of cooking, Harold McGee tells us why certain things work and why they don’t. Once you master the science, you can go on to master the cooking! $35