For many, it’s just not spring without a fresh bouquet of fragrant bulbs or a vivid arrangement of bright flora. To celebrate the season, local florists show us their take on spring floral designs.

Caroline Kelsey Designs

Potted in a family-heirloom sterling silver bowl, Caroline Kelsey’s arrangement is reminiscent of an English garden, with a spattering of succulents that she’s grown for more than a year. She surrounded the plants with hydrangea, lilies, tulips, irises, grape ivy and ranunculus in a palette of purples, pinks and blue-greens. Kelsey says this arrangement will live on even after the petals have wilted: she can root the succulents and hydrangea and they’ll continue growing.


Wildflowers owner and lead designer Jane Winter wanted this oblong arrangement to appear natural. She grouped asymmetrical clusters of yellow tea roses, tête-à-têtes, lilies, and paperwhites, and used honey bracelet and branches of pussy willow for balance. The bouquet is arranged in an ocean-blue ceramic container, complementing the whites and yellows of the plants.

Ladue Florist

Eggplant-purple tulips dot the mostly yellow and lime green bouquet designed by Marianne Przetak and Lori Cox at Ladue Florist. Cox says the design, which incorporates hydrangeas, tulips, sonrisa yellow roses, French tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, beargrass and lily grass, is symbolic: lime green represents “buds coming up after this awful winter” and the purple tulips signify growth and rebirth.

Ken Miesner’s Flowers

Ken Meisner arranged this spring bouquet in a white garden basket, adorning the handle in polka-dotted and striped wire French ribbon. Hydrangea, roses and tulips are surrounded with nandina, while green hyperican berries explode from the basket. Meisner says he thought of “happy, bright, colorful spring and Easter,” when designing this multihued arrangement.

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