When the Pisarkiewicz family was searching for a new home 10 years ago, Webster-Shrewsbury native Dave initially didn’t want to move so far from the city. But Chicago-born Jennifer convinced him that Chesterfield wasn’t as far as he imagined—in fact, their proximity to Highway 40 made his commute an unbeatable 10 minutes! Along with kids David and Lauren, they’re happy Chesterfield residents to this day. We asked Jennifer what they love most.

What are your favorite hangout spots in the neighborhood?

When we moved here, we happened to stumble across Veritas—the Stitt family had just opened it up as a wine-pairing and food shop. They’ve since expanded the menu, and their son went to culinary school and has returned as executive chef. We also love Annie Gunns for anniversaries and birthdays.

What do you like to do on the weekends?

We love to go over to the Chesterfield Amphitheater and to all the trails. They’re working to connect all of the trails in the area with the Levee Trail project. The City of Chesterfield has done a great job with its urban planning—they’re very analytical before they make decisions, and they take their time and do it right, and things are kept up really nicely.


Peggy Liggett, Laura McCarthy Real Estate

I have lived in Chesterfield for 30 years, and I’ve watched it develop into a very vibrant community. It has recreational facilities, wonderful restaurants and shopping galore. It also has something for everybody in every price range when it comes to housing. It’s very friendly, too: It’s not a neighborhood where people are standoffish.

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