What the Pickups love most about Brentwood, where they’ve lived for almost a year, is the convenience and family-oriented community. Sarah, who owns her own public relations and communications firm; and her husband, Boyd, a broadcast operations manager at Higher Education Channel Television, moved to the neighborhood from the Central West End, hoping to give their toddler Sebastian more space to play. Sarah gave us a glimpse into what life in Brentwood is like.

What are your favorite Brentwood spots?

Sebastian goes to Little Fishes Swim School. In the summer, we’ll walk to swimming. We go to the Brentwood Public Library at least once a week. It’s super tiny but it’s old-school, and everyone is really nice.

What’s the best way to spend the day in Brentwood?

We might run and grab a coffee, go get something to eat from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, and spend the morning at Memorial Park and take a walk on some of the paths. The parks are all connected by the pathways and creeks, so we walk the neighborhood and spend the day outside.


Carolyn Malecek, Prudential Alliance Realtors

Brentwood residents love their neighborhood for its strong community and easy access. Brentwood has a great ice rink, and it’s just right down the street from the Galleria. People flock to Carl’s Drive-In and Frank Papas Ristorante. The Brentwood School District is small, almost like a private school, and draws the community together. Everyone waves to everyone—I never drive down the street without waving to someone I know.

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