Around Town Calendar August

International Finds…English Living and the London Tea Room English Living carries unique furniture from England and other parts of Europe, and includes the Althorpe Living History collection, reproductions of furniture in Princess Diana’s family estate. Its London Tea Room features authentic English teas served in Burleigh china; traditional high tea service (by reservation); and delicious lunch fare. 520 Washington Ave. 241-6226.

Plowsharing Crafts For more than 20 years, Third World craftspeople have marketed their products here. The store collaborates with Ten Thousand Villages and other crafts organizations that provide jobs and fair pay to people who would otherwise be unemployed. 6271 Delmar Blvd. 863-3723.

Macrosun International Two locations feature creative and traditional works by artists and craftspeople of South Asia, everything from singing bowls to statues. 1310 Washington Ave. and 6273 Delmar Blvd. 421-6400.

Salt of the Earth The owners have combined their love of travel and interest in other cultures into a search for treasures while helping protect native traditional arts of Italy, France and Mexico. 8150 Big Bend Blvd. 963-1919.

Galleria Toscana Upholstery, oil paintings, and furniture pieces from Italy and bronzes and sculpture from Thailand fill the rooms. Owner Grace Rudnick travels to Italy once a year to keep merchandise up-to-date. 1360 Clarkson Clayton Center. 636-527-6066.

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