With Valentine's Day just around the corner, romance is in the air. For inspiration, we surveyed a group of St. Louisans about their idea of a romantic evening. 

Susan McBride, author

I have a 6-month-old, so a romantic evening is any evening when grandma babysits! With the baby, any time I can get away alone with my husband is romantic. We just recently went to a movie—it was just holding hands in the movie theater, but it was really nice. I Fratellini is my favorite restaurant, it’s so small and cozy, so that’s one of my favorite places to go.

Amit Dhawan, owner, Synergy Productions

A fall walk in Forest Park followed by dinner and cocktails on the Sky Terrace at the Four Seasons...gorgeous views from two amazing vantage points in the city at a great time of the year.

Cyndee England, public relations manager, Peabody Opera House

My ideal romantic St. Louis evening is going out with one special person for a drink at Bar Les Freres where the lighting and the staff are perfect, dinner at I Fratellini, a concert at the Peabody Opera House and then heading home to a fire in the fireplace and a quiet house.

Elliott Geolat, principal, Saint Louis Ballet

If weather is permitting, a good date might start with a leisurely walk through Forest Park, ending around dusk beside the Grand Basin. After a little fresh air, dinner is in order. Charlie Gitto's on the Hill is my favorite of many Italian restaurants. Next would be a movie at the Landmark Plaza Frontenac, the best place in town to catch a foreign film or the latest in art house cinema. Now, for drinks! Everyone is familiar with the charming DeMun neighborhood, like Sasha's Wine Bar, especially if it's warm outside. If it's cold, however, the Fox and Hounds Tavern of the Cheshire Inn is just up the street. With its cozy fireplace and homey decor, it's the perfect place to relax after a pleasant evening.

Cheresse Pentella, public relations manager, Neiman Marcus

Ideally, I would say spending a day with both of my top guys, my boyfriend, Dan, and our black lab of two years, Kennedy. We would wake up on a beautiful sunny day, go hiking and come home to a surprise dinner from Dan by Chef Nick Zotos from Mike Shannon's (this is where Dan and I were first introduced), preparing a mouth-watering meal for us in our home. We'd end with dessert and cigars.

Chef Fabrizio Schenardi, Four Seasons

My ideal romantic evening in St. Louis is more of a family affair since I don’t have much time to spend with the family on a regular basis; so when possible, we try to go out together. The perfect place for us is Sub Zero Vodka Bar because it has everything the family likes to eat and a good vodka selection, after that we like to go see a movie.

Leisa Zigman, anchor, KSDK

The perfect romantic date isn’t about the reservations made, or the places you go, but the time and thought put into it and how it plays out. Two decades ago, I went on a blind date with Clayton dentist Dr. Michael Edlin. He picked me up in a convertible sports car he had borrowed from a friend. We had a beautiful lunch at Annie Gunn’s, followed by a drive through Babler State Park. It was one of those perfect clear fall days where the leaves were turning vibrant colors of orange, red, yellow and gold. This past September, Michael (now husband of 18-plus years) recreated the entire day to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our very first date. He even borrowed a car to match. While I don’t remember everything that was said 20 years ago, I do remember telling him, Don’t fall in love with me, because I am only here for three years and then I am moving to NY or LA. Men never do listen!

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