Imelda Eisenbeis and Eleanor Jablonow enjoy the Missouri Botanical Garden.

By Tim Parker

As an extension of its focus on wellness—and to the delight of its residents—The Gatesworth plans monthly outings in and around St. Louis. From visiting historic homes to the horse races, art museums to antique shops, those who call The Gatesworth home are hardly slowing down.

These planned adventures transport residents to St. Louis hotspots, as well as other Midwestern destinations, by motor coach. Destinations range in location and theme, including days at the Missouri Botanical Garden; the Fairmount Park Racetrack in Collinsville, Ill.; historic homes in Ste. Genevieve, Mo.; and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Ill.

With destinations that varied, it’s easy to understand why Gatesworth resident Eleanor Jablonow finds it hard to pick a favorite. “I’ve loved the river cities we’ve been to, but I can’t say I didn’t love the Old Post Office,” she says.

And Jablonow isn’t the only one having trouble picking a favorite. Imelda Eisenbeis, a fellow Gatesworth resident and frequent outings participant, lists a few as well. From the Central Library to Chandler Hill Vineyards, her list of Gatesworth-hosted adventures is quite expansive, despite the fact that she relocated back to St. Louis merely two years ago. “The first Saturday I was here, I saw there was a limo going to the Esquire to see the opera broadcasted from The Met, and I thought, That’s what I’d be doing in Chicago!” She says she has been involved with Gatesworth outings since.

While the obvious draw to any outing is the destination, it’s not the only aspect of the trip—dining plays a big role, as well. Trips to Kimmswick, Mo., mean lunch at famed eatery The Blue Owl; and afternoons at the Saint Louis Art Museum include a stop at its newest restaurant.

“You live in a community that has all these things to offer and some people never get around to seeing them,” says Jablonow, mentioning all the Arizona attractions she did not visit while living there. “I’m revisiting things that I should have seen years ago.”

The typical Gatesworth outing lasts four-and-a-half to five hours, and includes 25 to 30 residents. Often, those residents are invited to bring a guest, such as a friend or family member, to make the day even more of a group affair. Eisenbeis says she has even been able to meet up with family while visiting cities outside of St. Louis with the program. “I love to travel. I’ve done quite a bit, and I’ll continue,” Eisenbeis says, explaining that this Gatesworth program has given her the opportunity to do so much. “My motto is to See as much of the world as I can before I leave it.”

For Jablonow, up next is an August trip to the Saint Louis Art Museum’s newest expansion—a destination Gatesworth residents have already visited, but are planning to see again due to its extreme popularity. After that? Jablonow doesn’t know, but she is certain about one thing: “Whatever it is, it’ll be wonderful—and I’ll be there.”

On the Cover: The Gatesworth senior living community offers a variety of opportunities and services to residents as part of its focus on emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. Pictured on the cover: Eleanor Jablonow and Imelda Eisenbeis. For more information, call 993-0111 or visit

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