Greg Nooney and Martha Seebold

Shortly after she moved into The Gatesworth in 1992, Martha Seebold attended the retirement community’s fourth anniversary celebration. “I remember the horse and wagon that was taking people around,” she says. “It was decorated and they were running people from place to place. It was really nice.” This week, she got to enjoy an even more momentous occasion, when The Gatesworth celebrated its silver anniversary, marking 25 years of service for its residents.

The occasion was marked on Oct. 3 with a gala, featuring an anniversary dinner, live band and Champagne toast. Residents and the community’s owners reminisced about times past and what The Gatesworth means to them. “It’s changed quite a bit—when I first moved here, they just had #1 McKnight Place,” Seebold says. Since then, the community has expanded several times, offering three levels of care on one connected campus. “What I like best are the wonderful concierges. They’re there whenever you want them. If I need help lifting something or I need something from the gift shop, they’ll send it,” she says. “The little things are so important, especially when you need help.”

Greg Nooney, who has been a resident for three years, echoes her sentiments. “The staff is just first-class. They can’t do enough for you,” he says. “And the dining rooms and all the facilities are great. There are plenty of choices.” Nooney’s parents also lived at The Gatesworth; and he recalls that back then, it was a much smaller place. Though his father lived there for only a short time, his mother was a resident for about eight years, he says. “The building she was in, the full nursing care building, was one of the original buildings. It’s right next to where we live now.”

Nooney, who currently works in commercial real estate, says it wasn’t just sentimental attachment that made him and his wife, Mildred, consider The Gatesworth. “The location is an advantage,” he says. “We grew up in Webster Groves and Clayton, and we weren’t interested in going way out west.” He adds that as a swimmer, he enjoys the fully equipped gym and uses the pool several times per week.

For Seebold, who moved from Illinois to join The Gatesworth, the cohesive community has been a source of joy for 21 years and counting. She loves to welcome new residents and help make them feel at home. “I tell people, including my daughter, to come early because there’s always something to do.”

Coming from a family with seven sisters, Seebold has a knack for conversation. “I eat with a different group every night, and anyone who wants to join us is welcome to join us,” she says. And if you do, be sure to raise a glass to The Gatesworth in honor of its first 25 years, and many more still to come!

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