Dr. Martin Gordon enjoys a meal with companions at The Gatesworth.

Every Monday evening and Thursday afternoon, a group of Gatesworth residents gathers to play bridge, a popular reason to get together at the senior living community. “Everyone just loves playing,” says longtime resident Gerry Smith. “It relaxes me, and you get a chance to mix with a lot of different people.”

Some of those same card players also can be found every night sharing a dinner table with Smith, a tradition they enjoy just as much as bridge. “It’s nice to eat with the same people every night, because you feel like you’re at home—it’s a family,” she says.

With a plethora of culinary options to choose from at The Gatesworth, each of the six members of Smith’s dining group can find a dish he or she likes. “I can’t remember a single time when I’ve come here and there wasn’t something I enjoyed on the menu,” notes Smith, whose experience growing up in the back of a grocery store and spending years cooking for her family makes her well-versed in good food.

Chef Brian Hardy and his staff aim to please all residents, accommodating most any request. “They’ll prepare a dish just how you’d like it, or if it’s a sauce you don’t care for, they’ll make something else,” Smith explains. With healthy options and modified menu items available at the Palm Court, Colonnade or West Wing dining rooms, it is even easy for those watching their weight to stay on track, she says. “No matter what kind of diet you’re on, they’ll help you stick with it.”

While Smith doesn’t venture outside the Gatesworth community as often as she used to, she knows that she can get as fine of a meal at The Gatesworth as in any restaurant around town, with excellent company to boot. “We used to go out to socialize, but here, you can socialize any time you choose, while having exceptional food.”

The well-attended happy hours in the Lakeview Lounge also provide Smith with another opportunity to mingle. Although she admits to being shy, Smith appreciates the welcoming atmosphere at these gatherings, which helps her open up to other residents. “Everyone’s drinking coffee or tea and eating cookies, and it just puts you in a friendly mood. It gets you to meet new people and find out what they’re like.”

Every night, Smith looks forward to her dinners with her friends and fellow bridge players, laughing and catching up over expertly prepared meals. “There’s so much variety and the quality of the food is just wonderful! I’d compare it to a top-notch restaurant.”

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