Fritz, Courtney, Mary Kay, Fred and Joseph Wiesehan

By Sarah Crowder

When asked about the Mari de Villa slogan, The Tradition Continues, president Fred Wiesehan explains in great detail the way the retirement community is focused on maintaining its long-established dedication. In doing so, the word that he continues to mention is 'care.'

"It means trying to continue the tradition of providing great care in St. Louis; serving the families of St. Louis; and following in the footsteps of our founders, Joe and Georgana Linneman, who opened the facility in 1960," Wiesehan says.

This continuing tradition extends to the community's guests, as well. Wiesehan says some guests are second- or third-generation family members returning to Mari de Villa. "It's probably the greatest compliment that we could get—if someone's grandmother was here, or their mother or father was here, they themselves chose to be here." One couple even bought the exact villa that his parents had lived in, notes Wiesehan. "When he was directing the movers, [he said to me] It feels like I came home."

Family is not only present with the clients, but also in the staff. Wiesehan's wife, Mary Kay, is Mari de Villa's VP; while their eldest son Fritz, a licensed nursing home administrator, serves as second VP. Daughter Courtney, who graduated from the University of Missouri as an RN, also lends a hand; and Joseph, the youngest, will join the company in December after graduating from the University of Missouri. "Their first ride in life was from the maternity ward to Mari de Villa," Wiesehan says. "They grew up here. Their first days were here. This is home."

Lately, some things have changed on the Mari de Villa campus. Since 2009, Mari de Villa has been in the midst of a four-phase plan of additions and expansion, says Wiesehan. A few of these changes include the creation of the Waterford Wing; the expansion of the Garden Room and Lenox Room; and the creation of the Marquee Room, a dining room for those needing assistance during mealtime.

"Come out to Mari de Villa again…[or] come out for the first time and see the changes," invites Wiesehan. "But also see what has not changed—the philosophy and management, and our dedication to St. Louis and St. Louis families."

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