Once Upon a Time…Rita Wells and her husband, David, were looking for a new kitten. They had always been ‘cat people,’ and had nurtured a pair of Tonkinese cats for almost 20 years. Rita, who retired as the Saint Louis Art Museum’s director of retail sales a few years ago, visited Animal House Fund several times, and in the process, got to know the rescue’s director, Brandyn Jones. “You’re not allowed to just walk in and adopt on the spur of the moment; it’s a process. She really wants to place them carefully,” she says. “And one day Brandyn called and said, I have your cat! She just came in.”

Wells returned several more times to visit the kitten, a baby calico, before making her final decision. She and her husband were planning to move from their Clayton townhouse, and she originally wanted to be settled in before bringing home a new member of the family. “I visited her several times before I took her home, but one day I said, No, I can’t put her back in the cage. She’s got to come home.

Pearl was originally found in Forest Park, and has meshed well with the Wells family—a fact that Wells attributes largely to Jones’ holistic approach and expert care in match-making. “I wanted a very friendly and easy-going cat,” she notes. Pearl is very different from the Wellses’ previous Tonkinese cats, who she says talked a lot and were more aloof. “This cat is not aloof or restrained in any way! Our last cats got to be older and quieter; and when they’re little, they’re so vivacious and rambunctious,” she says. “Pearl has all the behavior of a kitten: She’s broken things and eaten flowers—she’s very lively. One day I was making a salad, and I took the bowl out and left the kitchen; and when I came back, there she was asleep in the salad bowl!”

Now that Pearl has been with the Wellses for three months and been through their several recent moves, life is about to finally settle into a normal routine. “She came to us in our townhouse in Clayton that we lived in for 32 years. We had a flood in our new apartment before we moved in, so she was in a hotel for a month; and before that, she was at Animal House. So she’s a little confused, but she’s so lively and we love her,” Wells says.

While the family is used to having two cats, it’s just Pearl for the time being, Wells notes. “I go to California often, and I can’t take more than one cat with me on the airplane. But who knows? We may succumb to another cat…”

And if she does, she’ll know exactly where to find one.

For Your Fairy-Tail Ending…

Animal House Fund

2151 59th Street, St. Louis, Mo., 63110

531-4626 or animalhousefund.org, volunteer@animalhousefund.org

Adoption Days: Wednesday, 1 to 7 p.m.; Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., or by appointment

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With their belief that bigger things can come out of selling furniture, Carol House and the Dubmans proudly donate a portion of each sale to local charities. One of the organizations the company supports is its very own Carol House QUICK FIX Pet Clinic, which spays and neuters pets for low-income families. For more information, call 771-PETS or visit CarolHousePetClinic.org.

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