Once Upon a Time…the Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA) took in Tillie, a Yorkie-Shih Tzu mix. Tillie had lived with a family, but they had to give her up because of their child’s allergies. Meanwhile, Teel Ackerman, who had recently lost a dog, was looking for a new pet to keep her active and walking. “When he died, I wasn’t going to get another dog; but then I thought, the dog keeps me going—I walk him everywhere, and it’s good for me.”

So about a month ago, Ackerman, a resident of McKnight Place, visited the APA, where she had also adopted her previous dog. She knew she wanted to get a slightly older dog, because she didn’t feel up to all the training that a puppy needs. She saw the 3-year-old Tillie and took her home, and could not be happier with her decision. “She’s got plenty of energy,” Ackerman says. “She adjusted pretty quickly—I was surprised how quickly. I think she likes where I live. She loves all the people and thinks that all the people love her.”

There are several lakes on the grounds of McKnight Place, with one just down the elevator from Ackerman’s second-floor apartment. The pair takes walks around it every day; and though Ackerman uses a walker, she says that Tillie is very good at keeping pace with her. She adds, “You meet the nicest people. I think most of the people who have dogs are very nice and friendly, so I enjoy having her because she lets me meet people.” McKnight Place also has dog walkers available for times when Tillie needs to go out, but it’s dark or the weather is bad. “I don’t think I could have a dog if I lived anywhere else,” she says.

When they’re not outside, Tillie loves to sit in the living room, where she can keep an eye on Ackerman whether she’s in the bedroom or the den. “She likes that she can sit in the middle and always know where I am.”

Ackerman has had many pets through her life, but says she would recommend a rescue pet to anyone. “I think it’s a great thing to do. I wouldn’t have a dog any other way. I’ve had three now, and I’ve had good luck with every one of them. This dog has really been a pleasure and she adjusted so quickly. She really seems to like it here.”

For Your Own Fairy-Tail Ending:

Animal Protective Association of Missouri

1705 S. Hanley Road

645-4610, apamo.org

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