Once Upon A Time…Susan Bonan was watching the local news when she saw a dog that had been badly burned and found on the street by a Good Samaritan, who took him to the Humane Society of Missouri. Sonny, as the boxer would come to be known, was only a few months old when he was placed in intensive care for five months to recover from his ordeal.

While Sonny was healing under the care of Dr. Steven Schwartz and the Humane Society’s staff, Bonan and her husband, Bill, called to inquire about him. “That was before I realized what an amazing facility they had,” she says. “We wanted to adopt him and take him to a specialist, but they would not release him because he was in intensive care, and that turned out to be the best thing.”

After Sonny’s stay in intensive care was over, the staff called to let the Bonans know he was free to come home. The family took him home to meet their other dog, Sophae, a border collie they had found after she was abandoned at 4 months old, along with their adult children, Katherine and Bill, and Bill’s two dogs. “We introduced Sonny to them one by one, and they were all friends by the end of the day,” Bonan says.

Some time later, Humane Society president Kathy Warnick called to see if the Bonans could bring Sonny by for some pictures. It was then that Bonan says she realized just how good the staff had been to their new pet. “I thought it would be hard on Sonny, that going back there would remind him of all he’d been through,” she says. “But he couldn’t wait to get there. He was so happy to see Dr. Schwartz and all the girls who worked with him! It indicated to me that he had loving people who took care of him while he was in intensive care.”

Though the rescue organization’s staff conducted an investigation into who burned Sonny, no answers have been found. But apart from a patch on his shoulder that won’t grow hair, Bonan says Sonny has recovered swimmingly from his experience. Her family enjoys walks almost daily in nearby Forest Park, and Sonny is always up for a romp with his toys. “He’s very outgoing—where Sophae is more reserved and shy, Sonny demands attention. The two of them get along great! Although, Sophae does look at me from time to time and ask why we had to bring him home,” she jokes. “He just wants to go every minute! It takes several of us to wear him out.”

All of the Bonans’ dogs have been rescues, and they couldn’t be happier about it. “I like the idea of giving a home to a deserving dog—they all deserve to be in a loving home,” Bonan says. And to others who are thinking about going the rescue route, she says, “Don’t hesitate! You can get some wonderful companions and they need loving homes.”


Humane Society of Missouri Headquarters

1201 Macklind Ave.

951-1562, hsmo.org

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