Once Upon a Time…Candice Coleman and her son, Logan, were looking for the perfect pet. And they found it—twice.

It started with a trip to the Humane Society, where they found Mickey. The kitten, born in August, was still only a few months old when they decided to get him a companion. “We felt bad that he would be by himself all day, and we had been told if you’re going to adopt a companion pet, it’s best to do it while they’re both still babies,” says Coleman, public relations manager at River City Casino & Hotel and Ameristar Casino Resort Spa St. Charles.

During another visit to the Humane Society in Chesterfield, the Colemans found the perfect match. “She looks a lot like Mickey—she’s gray and white—but she has a little orange on her, and it matches Logan’s hair color. So we had to do it. We couldn’t have picked a cuter cat for him.”

Despite the stereotype of cats being independent—sometimes to the point of indifference—Mickey and Minnie turned out to be extremely affectionate, Coleman says. “I thought you had to earn their favor, but they were so loving, right from the get-go. We got really lucky. You can kind of tell their personality when you get them, but you’re making a decision after spending an hour with them in a room. You hope you will bond, and with them they were great as soon as we got them home.”

The little additions to the family really have made the home happier, Coleman says. “They’re our shadows the minute we walk in. Whatever room we go to, they go to, and we find them on the couch lying next to each other when we come home.”

And though the cats are never at a loss for toys, with rainbow-colored balls and feather sticks among their favorites, Mickey and Minnie will make a toy out of anything, to the point of literally swinging off the kitchen chandelier! “They like to play with pens—you have to be careful because they’ll take them—they like Christmas lights, they love to play with our food,” Coleman jokes. “I’m totally enjoying it because eventually they’ll grow up and they might be asleep all day—I’m loving it while I’ve got it.”

Though Coleman has had pets before, this is her first experience adopting from a rescue group, and she says now she understands all the friends who have told her how loving and appreciative rescued pets can be. “My golden retrievers were from a breeder and they were phenomenal, but I just feel better about getting them from a rescue and teaching that to my son,” she says. “They couldn’t be more affectionate and happier, and we did pick the right ones. At the Humane Society, they really care about their animals, and they follow up to make sure it’s working out OK.”

In the end, it’s Logan’s happiness that is important to his mom. “Watching your son pick up the kittens, and playing with them, it does your heart good. I just hope it lasts forever—that sweet, playful spirit. I believe that animals pick you, and I’m really grateful that they picked us.”

For Your Fairy-Tail Ending…

Humane Society Chesterfield Valley Center

17357 Edison Ave., 636-530-0806, hsmo.org

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With their belief that bigger things can come out of selling furniture, Carol House and the Dubmans proudly donate a portion of each sale to local charities. One of the organizations the company supports is its very own Carol House QUICK FIX Pet Clinic, which spays and neuters pets for low-income families. For more information, call 771-PETS or visit CarolHousePetClinic.org.

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