Once upon a time, Animal House, a cat rescue organization, received a call from another adoption center about a mother cat whose mammary glands had ruptured, leaving her unable to nurse her six kittens. 

Once upon a time, Richelle Weisbrod was searching the Internet for a dog, when up popped a photo of Dexter.

Though Jennifer Blome just joined the APA Adoption Center last year as director of humane education, she is no newcomer to animal advocacy.

Kathy Warnick remembers riding her horse as a young girl and happening upon an unimaginable scene: A group of kids were trying to drown a kitten in a bucket of water.

Once upon a time, Michelle Streiff became involved as a volunteer for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, shortly after her son adopted a dog from the nonprofit.

Dr. Yoram Hahn and his wife, Yaffa, saw a photo of a boxer/German shepherd mix in the newspaper. When their last dog passed away, they decided they didn’t want another dog. Then, Lizzy caught their eye.

The woodlands are lush with new ground covers, spring grasses and tree cover. I just love exploring early in the morning, when the sun dissects its way through the tree canopy to splash broken beams of light along the forest floor. The moist covering of morning dew and spring rains provides …

Even ole fellas like me feel invigorated with the warm, bright days of spring. I often jump out in the garage to clean out junk, and begin working on my garden. And by evening...yikes! I can hardly stand up without wrenching in pain.

ONCE UPON A TIME...Gail Velten retired as a teacher for the Kirkwood School District. She had never had a pet in her life, and decided, “I did not want to leave this earth without experiencing owning a dog.” She felt unprepared to jump into dog ownership right away, though, since she didn’t …

ONCE UPON A TIME...Molly, a Scottish terrier, was rescued from a puppy mill by the Humane Society of Missouri, along with about 200 other dogs, including her 14 puppies.