There’s something about a courtroom drama that piques our interest—but with shows and movies about lawyers hitting the air waves every week, we wondered what the professionals watch. Here, we’ve asked area attorneys for their all-time favorites. (And we’re adding them to our list!)

Jim Carmody, Carmody MacDonald

The Verdict is my favorite because it includes an interesting story, in-court drama, and a great performance by Paul Newman and the rest of the cast.

Margo Green, Green, Cordonnier & House

My favorite lawyer movie is The Lincoln Lawyer. Matthew McConaughey plays a criminal lawyer who keeps his office in the back seat of his car. His driver is a former criminal client who drives him everywhere to pay off his bill. He multi-tasks day and night and is very skilled at getting his clients out of the charges against them, in very creative ways. He walks that line that criminal lawyers have to walk—and does it with panache!

Kirk Stange, Stange Law Firm

I like The Devil’s Advocate with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. It’s kind of a dark movie. Reeves joins a law firm and it turns out his boss, Pacino, is Satan; he has Reeves doing all kind of things that are unethical, and at a certain point, he figures out he’s not such a great guy. The movie is interesting in terms of ethics and keeping things in perspective—that success and monetary wealth are not as important as being a good person.

Barbara Behrens, Behrens Law Firm

Because I'm a divorce attorney, hands-down my favorite lawyer movie is Intolerable Cruelty in which divorce attorney George Clooney gets to deliciously skewer the opposing divorce counsel with faint praise throughout the movie. Catherine Zeta Jones, who makes a career out of marrying money, plots to marry Clooney sans prenuptial agreement. Clooney is a man devoted to not marrying and famous for drafting prenuptial agreements that cannot be broken. Zeta Jones beats him on both counts. I recommend this movie to everyone who is divorced and everyone who is not divorced. It's PG-13, so you can watch it with your kids on a weekend you have them. Other terrific lawyer movies I love are To Kill A Mockingbird and A Civil Action.

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