After St. Louis native Terry Ross met her future husband, Neal, in San Francisco, the couple moved back to her hometown in 2000. They were looking for the same quality of life they enjoyed in California and found it in University City, where they appreciate the urban setting and walkability of the neighborhood, while still living in a larger home. Their children, Finnegan 9, and Charlotte (better known as ChiChi), 7, are able to walk to school and parks; and Terry, who works in marketing for College Bound, and Neal, who works in merchandising for CCA Global, enjoy the closeness of The Loop for date nights. We spoke with Terry to learn more about her family’s love for University City.

What is the best-kept secret in University City?

For me, it’s the fact that it has a great, eclectic diverse population, but yet everyone is very passionate about what goes on here. We have neighbors of all ages and types, but we all have the same strong sense of community.

Also, while it’s not such a secret anymore, we spend a lot of time at Winslow’s Home. We joke that we’ll never move because we don’t want to be farther away from the restaurant. We adore Chef Cary (McDowell), and it’s really a fabulous place for families.

What’s an ideal way to spend a day in U-City?

We would start by walking over to Winslow’s for breakfast, then walk to Flynn or Lewis Park – both are great spots for our kids to play. In the evening, my husband and I often have walking date nights to The Loop, and we are big fans of The Pageant or Blueberry Hill—we love going to hear good music.

What’s your family’s favorite neighborhood tradition?

We live in University Hills, and it’s our dream neighborhood. There’s a women’s league and they put on a ton of great events like the annual harvest moon party. There also are social activities like book clubs and wine nights. The neighborhood is just very welcoming—we are very close with our next-door neighbors and the whole community takes pride in taking care of their homes and looking out for each other.

Neighborhood Notes

Crissy Chartrand, Janet McAfee Real Estate

The vibrancy of University City is the big draw. You have these gorgeous neighborhoods with a great mix of architectural styles and a range of prices. From many of the neighborhoods, you can walk to The Loop with its diverse selection of restaurants, or ride your bike around Forest Park. I enjoy being near Washington University and feeling the energy of the students. We have a great dog park, are close to Metrolink stations, and live right in the shadow of Clayton. It’s a fabulous place to live!

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