“At 91 my mom is sweet, unassuming, loves the Lord and is still as pretty as ever! She still remembers when horse-drawn wagons delivered the milk and when the ‘Laclede Gas Man’ lit the streetlights each night. She is as inquisitive as a child and always makes sure to point out a perfectly blue sky, and then wonder what makes it so blue.”

Paul Brown


“Both of us are fathers of young children; and seeing the challenges we face with our own children, the lessons she taught us are extremely valuable. She is very thoughtful and puts the family ahead of anything else—both of our wives can attest that she never forgets an anniversary or a birthday. To me, these things translate to a very caring person who takes things to heart.”

Matt Bower of Moneta Group

“She has great attention to every detail—nothing slips through the cracks. What we felt as discipline as children, was tough love. She enforced what needed to be done, with good values and morals. When you have your own kids, you see that’s not an easy task. Most families don’t have the unique closeness we have—we have gone to Florida for spring training every year since 1980, and we treat that as sacred family time.”

Ken Bower of Moneta Group


“She taught me how to love, because she loves me unconditionally. Over many years, my mom showed me how to keep my inner strength with her guidance. I will always know where to turn for confidence, comfort and reassurance (and fashion advice!). She is always there for me!”

Miran Halen, soprano with the St. Louis Symphony


“Mother taught me the importance of family. She’s always instilled that in us, and we took it to our relationships in our marriages and with our children and grandchildren. We are a very close family because of it. All of us in town here—as many as 26 of us—are together every Sunday, it’s all from her teaching us how important that is.”

Neil Handelman

“When her family is doing well and are happy, so is she. She has provided a home of unconditional love and comfort. We have all been influenced and benefitted by her wisdom, guidance and values. Even now, she is still worried about me and is not shy about giving me advice.”

Gary Handelman

“My mother has always treated my wife and my brothers’ spouses not as daughters-in-law, but as family—as her daughters—and proudly so. One of her favorite quotations that she tells her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren is, (and I’m paraphrasing) Marry a wonderful person—and live in St. Louis. She wants the family together, surrounding her. “

Howard Handelman


“What’s nice for me is that my mom is so involved in the community. Since I moved back to St. Louis four years ago, she has introduced me to organizations she’s worked with, such as the Jewish Book Club, the St. Louis Breast Cancer Coalition and the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis. She’s such a great role model: She’s written a book and is working on getting the sequel published, and she’s been recognized as a Woman of Achievement. She is a great example of how to work, raise a family and give back to the community.”

Betty Kagan


“When I refer to my mother, I always say she is the best mother in the world because she is compassionate, caring, understanding, supportive and a wonderful partner in all of our different activities in the community. She is a great supporter of charitable and social service activities, which we do together on a regular basis, in addition to being a loving and kind woman who is a great nurturer and teacher.”

Michael McMillan, St. Louis City License Collector


“After reflecting on everything that my mom has taught me over the years, there were two things that stuck out: her faith and her giving. She has always taught us to keep God in our lives and to follow what He has said and apply it to our daily lives. She also has always been very giving. She is the type of person who would drop what she is doing and help anyone in need.”

Fritz Wiesehan of Mari de Villa

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