From trips to camps and days spent enjoying the sunshine, summer is the best time of year for kids. We asked the third-graders at Reed Elementary in Ladue what they’re doing this summer, and here are some of their responses. Good times ahead!

“I am going to Florida and Michigan. I am also going to my Grandma’s house.” - Raegan

“One thing I’m going to do for the first few days of summer is to visit a preschool to help the little kids there. I am also going to a sleep-away camp in Minnesota for a month.” - Charlotte

“I’m going to play sports. I’m playing baseball, basketball and football this summer.” - Trice

“I’m going to an all-boy sports camp. It is a two-week sleep-away camp in Chatanooga, Tenn.” - Mac

"Me, my brother, and my brother’s friends are making a movie. My friend and I are doing a lemonade stand.” - Allie

“Over the summer, I’m going to my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.” Charlie

“I am going to some camps. I am going to ‘jump’ camp, baseball camp and church camp.” - Cade

“I have swim meets. I’m also going to Czech Republic to visit my family.” - Katie

“I’m going to Hawaii in July. Also I am going to a lot of camps.” - Remi

“I’m going to Florida for my grandma’s birthday. I’m going with my grandma, grandpa, my cousins, aunt, uncle and my family.” - Liv

“I think we are going to Minnesota because my grandparents live there.” - Mason

“I’m going to the beach or just hanging out at home, but spending the days outside.” - Carter

“I’m going to Savannah, Georgia, competing for Nationals for Mid-County Gymnastics.” -Sydney

The highlights of my summer will be Six Flags with my family. I’ll probably grab a book and read on the hammock outside.” -Will

I’m going to take a long car trip with my friends. Then I’ll take a couple of trips with my dogs and my hedge-hog. - Lily

“I only have about 12 days of freedom before I go on vacation. We’re going to the Southeast parts of the U.S.A....Cowabunga!” - Bix

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