With technology today, think of the options available for asking a potential date to the prom: There’s texting, Facebook, tweeting…and Ladue News classifieds. That’s correct, an MICDS junior asked another MICDS junior to prom by placing a classified ad that read: Darby Hobbs, Will you go to prom with George Reynolds? in the April 13 edition of LN.

Then on the morning of Saturday, April 14, George filled a basket with fresh-squeezed orange juice, strawberries, pastries from Companion, a bouquet of pink roses, and yes, the latest Ladue News and took them to Darby’s doorstep. After George instructed her to check out the classified section, Darby happily said, yes! The prom, which was held at Neo on Locust, was officially their first date. George happily reports that having pictures taken by Ladue News was the best part of the evening, but really, the whole night was fun!

We also collected photos from other proms around town—and it’s safe to say, everyone looked fabulous!


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