Dr. David Weinstein

Photo by Sarah Crowder

When Meredith Fish of St. Louis went into labor six months ago, she knew her delivery was in capable and compassionate hands at Missouri Baptist Medical Center (MoBap). Despite high-risk pregnancy factors, the first-time mom delivered a healthy baby boy. 

MoBap’s collaborative team of experienced nurses, obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine specialists, along with world-class pediatricians and neonatologists from St. Louis Children’s Hospital, are at the hospital around the clock to ensure safe and successful high-risk deliveries, as well as pre- and post-pregnancy care from the delivery room to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). “One thing that really sets us apart is that we have wonderful high-risk services and staff, allowing us to take care of not only moms with normal pregnancies, but moms who are high-risk, as well. And that is comforting for patients and their spouses,” says chief of obstetrics and gynecology Dr. David Weinstein, adding that MoBap is the only St. Louis County hospital offering high-risk obstetrics care that also has an affiliation with the nationally ranked St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

High-risk pregnancies can involve various maternal and fetal conditions, such as a mom’s high blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases; and a baby’s poor or excessive growth, problems with the placenta, or multiple births. “But high-risk does not mean bad outcome,” Weinstein notes. “If a high-risk pregnancy is taken care of appropriately, then the outcome can be excellent.” And sometimes a normal pregnancy can turn high-risk quickly, he adds. In those cases, MoBap is ready to optimize the health of mom and baby. “We have a longstanding, experienced nursing staff. So if a pregnancy turns high-risk quickly, they respond in a calm and efficient manner,” Weinstein explains.

To deliver these top-quality, high-risk pregnancy services, there are two groups providing high-risk care: Washington University Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Town & Country Perinatology. Patients receive as many pre-labor consultations as needed with a high-risk specialist, alongside their obstetrician if they choose. “Patients can receive the expertise of a high-risk specialist, while still being delivered by their own obstetrician,” Weinstein notes.

That was Fish’s experience. “I was referred to [maternal-fetal medicine specialist] Dr. Michael Paul by my regular obstetrician, and the first time we talked with him was the first time my husband and I felt at peace since I got pregnant. He gave us reassurance of a positive outcome, and he was very knowledgeable and thorough with taking care of us.” During Fish’s delivery, two NICU nurses and a neonatologist from St. Louis Children’s Hospital were present, along with her obstetrician. Following a safe and healthy C-section delivery, Fish says her recovery was extremely easy due to new techniques guided by Paul. And she felt she and her son were in safe hands with every member of the hospital’s team. “They really take into account the whole person, and took care of me from all aspects—emotionally and physically.”

Six months later, mom and baby are doing great, Fish says. “We can’t wait to have another one at MoBap.”

ON THE COVER: Missouri Baptist Medical Center (MoBap) offers experienced staff and advanced services to care for moms with low- to high-risk pregnancies. Pictured on the cover: David, son of Meredith and James Fish. For more information on a high-risk specialist, call 996-4636 or visit mobapbaby.org.

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