Say hello to LN’s newest Lil’ One, F. Weller Meyer III!

Our 2013 pint-sized ambassador, Weller, is the 2-year-old son of Mary and F. Weller Meyer Jr. “He only runs, he doesn’t walk,” says Mary of her high-energy toddler. “He’s nonstop action.”

Weller enjoyed the The Museum of Transportation during his fashion shoot with LN's Katie Yeadon. But for a moment, things got pretty messy, thanks to a spring storm that did a number on Weller's strawberry-blonde locks. Despite the weather, this happy-go-lucky youngster loved exploring the trains and automobiles during his trip. 

His mother says Weller is “best frenemies” with 4-year-old older sister, Elizabeth, and loves “any ball you can throw.” Other favorites include dogs, Mickey Mouse and sweets. “He is obsessed with finding different ways to get into the candy jar on the counter--he is a sugar addict!” How fitting for this sweet Lil’ One winner.

-Julia Christensen

Weller has to be the happiest boy in the world! He loved checking out the trains during our shoot at the Museum of Transportation—and was not at all remotely fazed by the sudden downpour.

For being our first-ever little boy Lil’ One, Weller is super-darling and photogenic, and obsessed with his curls! He was also easy and low-maintenance. During out shoot, photographer Sarah Crowder would put a quarter on the ground and tell Weller to stand on it—and he did! He would stomp his foot on it, look up and smile. We got out shots in record time!

-Katie Yeadon

Look 1: 

Dotdotdash t-shirt, $21, Nano shorts, $29, Dotdotdash boutique

New Balance tennis shoes, $45, Laurie’s

Look 2: 

Peek shorts, $34, Nordstrom

Sovereign Code shirt, $26, Nordstrom

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Look 3: 

T-shirt, $31, Egg Baby

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New Balance tennis shoes, $45, Laurie’s

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T-shirt, $35, Egg Baby

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