John Burroughs 

Andy Abott, Head of School

What sets John Burroughs apart from other schools?

We like to talk a lot at Burroughs about striking a balance. We have as strong of an academic program as exists in the country. We also have great arts program, athletic program and student activities. All students will be involved in arts and athletics for the entire time they are at John Burroughs. In the area of student activities, the average class contributes 10,000 hours of community service hours each year, and we have about 50 different student organizations that kids are involved with. We also have a faculty that is as strong as any faculty in America.

What is your favorite school tradition?

The greatest tradition at John Burroughs is morning assembly. Every morning, our student body comes together and I speak to them; and two or three days a week, we have some kind of program. The key is that we all come together every day. I think that’s unique.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about John Burroughs?

I think people may not know the level of support that we have for sustainability efforts. We keep bees that produce honey, and we take oil from our lunch room and convert it into biodiesel fuel to run the tractors on campus. Our lunch room has its own herb garden, and we have our own vegetable garden and greenhouse. That, in addition to our new solar ray on top of our field house and all of the new energy-efficient buildings, this school is very cognizant of being stewards of the Earth.

Mission Statement:

John Burroughs School seeks to instill the joy of living through active learning, integrity and service to others. Our mission is to foster in our students academic, physical and creative fulfillment, together with strength of character, while helping them become productive members of our school community.

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