Medical esthetician Kym Palmier performs a photofacial procedure on a patient. Photo by Jason Mueller.

There’s no other way to go but full-speed ahead when you’re juggling the demands of a career and raising a family. But according to skin care specialist Kym Palmier, there is a way women can slow down the hands of time, at least when it comes to how they look and feel. “We do it differently, but we all age, and I’ve made it my personal goal to help other women slow down the aging process,” she says.

Palmier, a medical esthetician at United Laser Clinics in Ladue, has been a skin care professional for 20 years. The 40-something Palmier has two teenagers and a 14-month-old son. “I realized that there were women just like me who wanted relief,” she says. “We’re all so caught up with taking charge of our households and careers that we don’t make time for ourselves.”

One way to take care of ourselves, says Palmier, is to slow the signs of aging. “It’s just like having a diet, exercise and vitamin regimen, it’s all part of well-being, maintenance and prevention,” she says, pointing out that for most women, internal aging begins in their mid-20s and starts to become visible in their 30s. “From that point on, the fine lines get deeper, longer and cover more areas. The hyper-pigmented skin damage from the tanning booth becomes more apparent, especially in the neck and décolleté areas,” she explains. Women in their 40s, she says, will begin to notice the effects of gravity. “That’s when elastin starts to break down, and you’ll begin to see the dropping of the jaw and cheek areas. Then, in the 50s, that’s when you really begin to see the jaw, chin and neck drop.” She adds that skin discoloration is common at this stage due to hormonal changes and shifting estrogen levels.

Luckily, there are safe, non-invasive ways to help delay what the future holds, Palmier says. “With all the options available, why not make women of my generation look and feel the best they can be?” She says technology has made it possible for women to go beyond the spa facial, and with little discomfort. “Many of the new systems just take a lunch appointment, with no down time.”

Palmier says United Laser Clinics has the latest in skin rejuvenation and renewal technology, including the fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing laser, which offers an alternative to Botox treatments. “It targets collagen remodeling and renewal and helps reduce fine lines and everything else that comes with aging skin,” she says. Photofacials (or photorejuvenation) is another method she likes, one that focuses on treating surface skin vessels, refining pores and surface discoloration due to sun damage. “It retextures the surface of the skin and is most effective on the face, hands and décolleté,” Palmier explains.

For those with cellulite concerns, Palmier says United Laser Clinics specializes in the VelaShape system. “It’s the only FDA-approved method for circumference and cellulite reduction,” she says. “Coupled with diets and workouts, this helps enhance and sculpt problem areas without any type of surgical procedure.” Other specialties offered are ReFirme skin tightening, skin resurfacing and laser hair removal. “Women today are treating all areas of their body, from their face and underarms to their leg and bikini areas,” she says. “I think we have the most technologically advanced system that offers the best results in fewer visits when it comes to hair removal.”

With the technology constantly changing, Palmier says it’s especially important to look for a facility with an attentive staff of experts. She says that’s why her clinic focuses on follow-up care that is professional and thorough. “It’s all about open communication. We want to ensure our clients feel warmth from start to finish.”