The Gatesworth

Set on a beautifully landscaped 12-acre campus, The Gatesworth has provided award-winning, quality care to seniors in a residential environment since opening in 1988.

With the coming of spring, health and fitness are on everyone’s mind. For residents of The Gatesworth, staying active is not only easy, but fun, with everything from scenic strolls to aerobics available on the 12-acre campus.

    Outside, residents can enjoy the warmer weather while practicing their golf swings on The Gatesworth’s private putting green, planting seeds in the community garden, or strolling the walking paths around the luxuriously landscaped grounds. “We have three magnificent, interconnected courtyards that are within the secure grounds of The Gatesworth, and right off the grounds, there are wonderful neighborhoods for walking,” says co-owner David Smith.

    Inside, more fitness opportunities abound, he adds, with a variety of classes and personal training offered at The Gatesworth’s state-of-the-art fitness center and indoor pool. “Our fitness programs are amazing because of the venues that we have as well as the range of staff and instructors that our residents have to choose from,” Smith says.

    The fitness center includes weight machines specially designed for seniors, which can be adjusted in half-pound increments with just the push of a button. A large area for group exercise and full locker rooms with showers make exercising even more inviting, Smith says. “It’s easy, it’s convenient, and those are always the keys to making any type of fitness or wellness program successful,” he says. Staffing the center are five instructors who also serve as personal trainers, and classes include such offerings as water aerobics, tone & exercise, body movement/agility, and Zumba dance.

    New for spring is a class on line dancing, led by instructor Suze Schwartz. “Dancing, just like riding a bike, helps with your balance by improving parts of the inner ear, which control equilibrium,” Schwartz says. She notes that dancing also improves depth perception—good for seniors who may have trouble with eyesight—as well as cardiovascular fitness. “It’s also great fun, and it’s a social activity,” she says. “People really enjoy moving to music.”

    Schwartz has been working at The Gatesworth since it opened, and she says she can’t stress enough the importance of physical exercise. “It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have more quantity of life, but you will have better quality of life,” she says. “I see a lot of people as they age get depressed, and they don’t really socialize. Exercise helps because you’re with people.”

    Schwartz and other fitness instructors at The Gatesworth work one-on-one with residents to improve balance, agility or help those who are recuperating from an injury. One such resident, Schwartz recalls, came to her after suffering a major stroke. “She had to wear a leg brace, and she fought so hard just to get back her strength and balance,” says Schwartz. “She was an inspiration to me. Sometimes, she’d weep, it was so difficult for her. Now she uses a walker, but she holds her own.”

    Wellness at The Gatesworth isn’t all hard work, however—after a class or personal training session, residents can relax at Spa/One, The Gatesworth’s full-service spa. It offers on-site massages, reflexology, facials, haircuts and manicures. Director of Spa, Security & Concierge Services Carrie Montrey says the massages are especially popular. “It’s a therapy—it’s more than just going to the spa,” she notes. “It gives the physical benefits of improved circulation, say for people who have arthritis.”

    Between the spa, fitness center and classes, Gatesworth residents have plenty of opportunities to enhance their quality of life. And that’s all part of the underlying philosophy, Smith says. “We consider ourselves to be resident-centered and holistic in our delivery of service.” 

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